Token Utility

The $F3 token is the native utility token of the Friend3 ecosystem, designed to integrate with the Friend3 ecosystem to support decentralization and community growth. The initial core utilities are as follows:

  • Access Control: Token holders gain exclusive access to premium chat rooms and specialized content.

  • Payment Unit: Use $F3 as the primary currency for in-platform donations and consumer transactions. Enjoy potential discounts and premium features when using $F3.

  • Governance: $F3 holders play a pivotal role in shaping the future of Friend3. They can propose, debate, and vote on key protocol decisions, including business metrics like revenue allocation. This empowers the community to drive the direction and strategy of Friend3.

  • Staking: Stake $F3 tokens to earn rewards, increasing engagement and investment in the Friend3 ecosystem.

  • Incentives: Used for rewarding user contributions, like content creation and community moderation.

  • Ecosystem Development: By integrating with various DeFi protocols within Friend3, such as liquidity pools, lending, and trading, the utilities of $F3 are further magnified.

  • Transaction Fees: Reduced transaction fees on the Friend3 platform for $F3 holders, making transactions smoother and more affordable.

Token Distribution

The total supply of $F3 is 1 billion, and it will be unlocked in a predetermined schedule that lasts for 72 months from the listing day. The initial circulating supply (excluding liquidity) when listed on DEX/CEX is set to 26,250,000 $F3 - 2.625% of the total supply. Here is a breakdown of how these tokens will be distributed:

  • Seed Round (4.5%): Reserved for early strategic investors, including VCs, strategic partners, and individuals.

  • Public Round (7%): Allocated to strategic collaborations with Tier 1 launchpads.

  • Early Contributor Rewards (4%): Incentivizing users who engaged with the initial Friend3-BNB beta (Friend3 Epoch Campaign).

  • KOL Round (2%): Dedicated to global KOLs and influencers in strategic partnerships.

  • Liquidity (15%): Unlocked based on market liquidity needs.

  • Incentives (35%): Set aside for ecosystem incentives, with future use determined by the $F3 holder-governed DAO.

  • Team (7.5%): Allotted to team members, unlocked based on the achievement of KPIs aligned with project milestones.

  • Marketing (15%): Earmarked for market expansion efforts, with specific allocations governed by the $F3 holder DAO.

  • Ecosystem (10%): Earmarked for the ecosystem development, with specific allocations governed by the $F3 holder DAO.

A special tranche within the KOL Round (0.5% of the total supply) is designated to reward users engaging with Friend3-opBNB and their interactions within the platform ($F3 Ignition Campaign).

Token Release Schedule

The $F3 release schedule is designed to balance immediate utility with long-term value retention, ensuring that the interests of all stakeholders - from early investors to active users - are aligned with the sustainable growth of the Friend3 platform. Here's how it works:

The above chart illustrates the maximum possible issuance of $F3 tokens over the coming years, and the total supply will never exceed 1,000,000,000. Through the development of the ecosystem and the distribution of $F3 tokens, Friend3 will gradually evolve into a community-owned decentralized organization with the ownership becoming less concentrated over time.

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