Create Futures/Spot

  1. Navigate to the 'Futures' section by clicking on it in the sidebar menu.

  2. Once you are in, click on the 'Create Futures' button.

  3. A pop-up window titled 'Create Futures' will appear, in the pop-up enter the Twitter username of the person you want to search for, without the "@" symbol, for example: BNBCHAIN

  4. Hit the 'Pay' button and confirm then proceed with creating the Futures.

Note that:

  1. You can invest in a group by purchasing 'Futures' even if the group subject hasn't joined Friend3 yet. These Futures will convert to 'Spot' status once the group subject signs up.

  2. Any user is free to create Futures for any subject that has not yet registered on the platform or has not already been claimed. When you create a Future, you are also purchasing the subject’s first Ticket.

  3. When trading occurs, the fee distribution is as follows: a) 5% to the group owner; b) 1% to the referrer; c) 5% divided among existing Ticket holders within the group; d) 4% to the platform. For Futures, the group owner's earnings are held in reserve by the platform until the subject registers. Upon registration, the subject receives all accumulated fees. If the subject doesn't register within six months, the reserved fees are distributed among the group's Ticket holders, and subsequent trading fees (10% in total) are also shared amongst them.

  4. If you invite future subject to Friend3 and they join through your invitation code, they will get all the fees made from trading their Tickets up to that point. You get a bonus 20% reward for bringing them in(this 20% reward is an additional allocation from the platform's revenue).

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