How Friend3 Works

At its core, Friend3 allows users to create pay-per-group communities with customizable pricing curves, making the decentralized pricing truly user-centric. Moreover, Friend3 introduces a novel mechanism for passive income; any ticket holder can earn a share of revenue generated from group transactions, donations, and referrals.

Here's a simplified flow:

Create or Join Groups: Users can easily create their own groups or join existing ones by buying tickets. Group creators can set their own pricing curves for memberships.

Earn and Contribute: All users, not just group creators, have opportunities for earning. Through a decentralized ticket transaction and donation system, creators and group members alike can earn passive income.

Seamless Transactions: Whether you're a creator or a participant, transactions are made easy and secure, thanks to smart contracts that are audited and open-source.

Expand Donation Tokens: With listing potential tokens from the BNB ecosystem—$FLOKI, $C98, $ID, $BAKE and more—Friend3 provides a robust ecosystem for users to interact and grow cross communities.

Community Voting: Friend3 empowers its community through decentralized voting mechanisms, allowing users to vote on future developments and features.

In short, Friend3 is not just a social platform; it's a comprehensive ecosystem where every interaction has the potential for financial benefit, governed by the community for the community.

The Target Market:

Content Creators: Boost revenue via decentralized donations and group memberships.

Community Leaders: Customize pricing for your groups, earn from member donations.

Active Social Media Users: Find value-rich communities, participate, and earn passive income.

Investors & Partners: Participate in a secure and fast-growing social dApp ecosystem.

Fans & Followers: Directly support your favorite creators, engage in exclusive content.

Friend3 platform redefines the creator economy by making it more inclusive and profitable for all involved.

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