​Friend3 is a leading social dApp where anyone can make friends and profits in the Web3 world. We're revolutionizing the social monetization landscape by offering customizable pay-per-group communities and introducing a decentralized donation mechanism, enabling passive income for all. This boosts direct financial incentives for content creators, thereby completing the creator economy's ecological loop.
Beyond just chat, our vision extends to applications like event ticketing, ensuring we stand out from platforms like At our core, we prioritize individual control, security, and a seamless user experience.
Friend3 is the top trending social dApp on BNB Chain & opBNB. The Friend3 beta app (live on BNB Chain) has 45k users and 200k transactions within just seven weeks and is the first dApp to offer customizable pricing curves in social protocols with a unique mechanism to empower the creator economy. Check BNB Chain statistics here (As of October 31st, before the release of Friend3-opBNB).

Custom Pricing Mechanism

Inspired by the decentralized pricing mechanism employed by, Friend3 introduces its unique Decentralized Pricing Formula for calculating the admission ticket price for paid groups. The formula is expressed as:
P=S2/K P=S^2/K
Variables Explained:
  • P: Represents the price of the admission ticket.
  • S: Indicates the current group size, or the number of tickets currently held.
  • K: Defines the steepness of the price curve, dictating how quickly the ticket price rises or falls based on the group size.
The beauty of this formula lies in its dynamic nature. By allowing the ticket price
to be dependent on the current group size
and a predefined steepness factor
, Friend3 offers a pricing model that adjusts in real-time. This ensures an adaptive, market-responsive ticket pricing strategy, which enhances user engagement and incentivizes community growth.

Getting Started

Friend3 beta is launched on BNB Chain:​
Friend3 has launched its opBNB version now:​
Here is an unlimited invite code for login both: friend3-011bab79
Check onchain statistics of Friend3-BNB through:
Track the data through:
Check onchain statistics of Friend3-opBNB: TBA
Here is a Demo Video with voice instructions & explanations about login, buy/sell the Ticket, create Futures/Spot, join the group chat, invite friends, public post, and donate to the content creator:

Friend3 Vision

The Friend3 vision is focused on individual control, security, and a seamless user experience extending to applications like event ticketing, secure digital identity, and more. Backed by partnerships with BNB Chain, OKX, FLOKI, Coin98, SafePal and more, Friend3 is ready to become the next generation of social media.

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